Hrmann Torsion Springs

Alternative Torsion Springs for Hrmann garage doors

The family-owned company Hrmann is Europe's leading manufacturer of doors and gates. The high-quality workmanship of the Hrmann gates and a long durability have made a major contribution to Hrmann becoming one of the best manufacturers of garage doors. But even the best quality ultimately does not protect against wear. In particular garage door springs show effects of wear and tear.
As specialists in door automation and garage door springs, we can help quickly and easily.

After many years of use, torsion springs, spring packages and tension springs lose their traction or even crack. A spring replacement is quite easy to do, because every built-in Hrmann spring is marked with a number (usually with a small flag made of aluminum). The matching replacement spring can therefore be easily identified. It should then be replaced by a spring with the same spring number.

Can I use alternative torsion springs?

In principle it is very easy to find an alternative torsion spring to a Hrmann spring. Alternative torsion springs in our product range are absolutely compatible and stand out due to the following advantages
  • German Product
  • 1st-class quality
  • Absolute accuracy of fit
  • Verified and certified production and quality
  • Favourable prices

The alternative torsion springs offered by us replace Hrmann torsion springs with a perfect fit. You do not have to worry about the material or quality of our alternative springs. The safety and quality features of our products are regularly checked and certified according to European standards. Big advantage of our alternative torsion springs: you will save a lot of money.

How do I find the right torsion spring?

First of all a hint: in general, worn garage door springs should be replaced in pairs. Most of the built-in springs are of the same age and exposed to the same loads. Usually they show very similar wear. To identify a torsion spring, take a look at the small nameplate attached to each Hrmann torsion spring. There you will find it?s designation, for example L700 or R720. The letter L stands for winding direction left, R means winding direction right. In our shop you will find these designations for the respective torsion spring.
Only with the difference: with us the designation is TDL700 or TDR720. We will deliver a garage door torsion spring as a high quality spare part of a third party manufacturer in OEM quality at a more than fair price.

Your strong Partner

We are official partners and distributors of leading manufacturers in door automation such as Marantec, Summer, Novoferm, Teckentrup, Belfox, Dickert. No matter if latest technology, or established technology, we are your supplier for all springs in the field of garage doors / industrial doors. We ship throughout Europe.

With advice and action at your side

In our online shop, you can buy Hrmann compatible Torsion Springs easily, quickly and above all safely. If you wish for more assistance to select the matching torsion spring or in order to replace defective parts, please contact us via e-mail or online-chat here in our shop. You can contact us also by phone +49 2166/216 36 38 and fax +49 2166/216 36 26. We look forward to helping you.
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