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Springs for garage doors

Garage doors can normally be opened and closed without effort, because garage door springs compensate for the weight of the door panel to be moved. Depending on design and manufacturer, therefore, almost every garage door has one or more garage door springs. This can be tension springs (rarely also called spiral springs), spring assemblies or torsion springs.

Garage door springs are technically sophisticated and high-quality products. This is understandable, as they are supposed to move reliably and safely over a very long period of time the garage door. Through the daily use of the garage door and the associated multiple load (stretching and clamping) even the best garage door spring wears over time. It can be recognized by the fact that the strength required to operate the garage door has increased. The spring has been stretched to a certain extent and its spring force has been lost. In such a case, and certainly when a spring is broken, the garage door spring must be replaced.
It is important then to replace the springs on each side of the garage door, since each side is loaded equally. An unequal burden due to the replacement of only one spring usually leads quite quickly to the failure or breakage of the unreplaced spring.

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Tension springs, spring assemblies, swing gate springs - what is the difference?

Tension Springs

The tension spring, also referred to as spiral tension spring, is the most widely used garage door spring on canopy garage doors.

Especially with older swinging doors you will find this spring, because for almost 60 years these have been equipped with a single tension spring. It is easy to understand that in this period many different swing gates were equipped with different types of tension springs, because garage door manufacturers adjusted the tension springs according to factors such as size, weight and design of the gate.

A tension spring itself is a twisted piece of metal that has been formed into a spring. The two ends of this coil spring are formed into a hook, which is hung in the garage door mechanism. When opening the gate, the spring is relieved, the stored force in it supports the door opening process. Extension springs can be used across manufacturers. However, important is the corresponding tensile force applied by the spring.

If the defective garage door spring has similar dimensions to the replacement spring, you can use it for your garage door. You can make the final fine adjustment yourself when installing the new spring. Simply insert the new replacement spring higher or lower into the spring tension band.

Spring Assemblies

This is a further development of the classic, individual tension spring. Spring assemblies work on the same principle as a single tension spring. When opening the door, the springs are relieved and the stored force supports the door opening process.

The peculiarity is that spring packages consist of several springs, which are bundled by sheets to spring packages. Very often you will find threefold sprig assemblies, which were composed of three individual springs to a spring package. Their assembly differs mostly from the tension spring mounting. Spring packages run in the garage door frame. They are mechanically connected to the garage door, e.g. via traction cables.

Tension spring assemblies not only ensure high operating comfort but also greatly increased safety. The garage door will not open uncontrolled. In case of a broken spring the remaining springs of the assembly would hold the gate. The replacement of spring packages is not as difficult as one might think. It should be noted, however, that tension spring assemblies from different manufacturers are not compatible. Although they look similar, mixing different tension spring assemblies is not advisable.
Therefore, if necessary, you should determine the manufacturer of your garage door and the punching in the retaining plate of the tension spring package.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are real load carriers and are mainly installed on large, heavy sectional doors. Alike tension springs they balance the gate weight when opening and closing. Very high forces act on torsion springs. They depend on the size and weight of the gate and the smooth running of the gate.

Nevertheless, torsion springs provide their service reliably even for decades. At very high stress, however, it can only be a few years. Like other garage door springs, torsion springs are wearing parts and must be checked and replaced after a certain period of time. Torsion springs are fastened to the frame of the sectional door with a spring clamping head and a spring fixed head. The spring fixed head is permanently installed, it is the static element. Via the spring tensioning head, the spring is brought to the desired tension and secured by screws. To tighten a torsion spring, always use the original spring tension tubes.
It is highly recommended to always replace torsion springs in pairs, as both springs are subject to the same wear and tear. Special care should be taken during installation and removal, as the springs may be under high tension, which, if handled improperly, may suddenly discharge and cause serious injury.

The appropriate spring can be identified by a number. This number can be attached to the spring by means of a sticker or a tag. Torsion springs with different numbers can be installed on the same gate. Each torsion spring is then replaced by a spring with the same number.

Whichspring do I need?

In order to determine the spring suitable for your garage door, select the manufacturer as well as the design of your garage door. Please remember to change the springs on both sides of the garage door for safety reasons. In any case we are happy to assist you.

Please do not hesitate to email us the following information to determine the correct torsion spring:

+ Manufacturer of garage door + type of garage door
+ No. of the garage door + height and width
+ Weight + year of construction

Even photos (for example, the manufacturer plate of the garage door) are very helpful here. Based on the information provided we then will carry out a spring determination and inform you about the suitable torsion springs by e-mail.

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