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Asauthorized distributors wesupply the entire Teckentrup product range and spare parts for Teckentrup garage doors and door drives. We ship throughout Europe fast and reliable using local logistics partners.

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CarTeck Door Drives

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CarTeck Side Doors

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Industrial Doors

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At Tordoc Onlineshop, you can be confident that you are buyingReplacement Parts that fit. As official retailers wealso support our customers regarding replacement and assembly. No matter what part it is, if you can describe the defective unit, send us the item number or send us a photo, we will identify the suitable replacement part and deliver it to you. Because we are here for you and your gate & drive.

Genuine Teckentrup Spare Parts for Teckentrup Garage Doors & Door Drives

You might ask yourself: what spare parts and accessories are on offer and do they have the parts that I need on stock? Our wide range of products gives you the widest selection of garage door parts. So that you will find exactly what you are looking for. We offer and supply only tested original components, because quality and trust is a must.

Spare parts and accessories from Teckentrup:
  • Spare parts for CarTeck door drives
  • Spare parts for overhead garage doors DL
  • Replacement for GSW 20 and GSW 40 sectional doors
  • Replacement for industrial doors

Teckentrup GmbH &Co. KG is an expert in custom-made products and stands for high-quality components. With its modern CAD technology and computer-controlled manufacturing systems, the company is one of the largest and most diverse manufacturers in the German market.

The intelligent and high-quality Teckentrup garage door operatorscan be installed universally in sectional as well as overhead doors. For this, we offer support and spare parts for the sectional garage doors GSW 20 and GSW 40 door typesand for the overhead garage door series DL.

With our replacement door drives you can achieve whatyou require: the highest level of safety with the least amount of wear and tear; with CarTeck door drives you will open and close your garage doorsmoothly and easily, without nearly any noise at all. Your neighbors will be grate full. Justpress a button on your CarTeck hand heldtransmitter and everything happens automatically: you can enter or leave yourgarage thanks to the CarTeck garage door drive.

In any case, we are happy to help. If you should have any questionsthen do not hesitate to contact us.

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