Radio receivers for door drives and motor controls

Radio technology is used worldwide for many applications. It makes the operation of various electrical devices easy and comfortable. A push of a button is enough. Comfort is what all radio systems provide. But it is important to know with what certainty this comfort will be achieved. Here you will find big differences.

A radio receiver allows your door operator to communicate with a remote control. There are internal receivers, most of which are factory-installed, and external receivers, which are ideal for retrofitting or for range optimization purposes.

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Which radio receiver do I need?

For new projects and installations we recommend to use radio systems with the frequencies 868 MHz and 433 MHz. When repairing old systems, components using frequencies of 40 MHz or 27 MHz are usually found. In any case, make sure that all radio components (transmitter, receiver, antenna) use the same frequency and also the same type of modulation.

TorDoc is your strong partner

We are official partner and authorized distributor of leading manufacturers in door automation such as Novoferm, Sommer, Teckentrup, Marantec, Belfox, Dickert or Hörmann. No matter if state-of-the-art equipment or established and proven technology, we are your supplier for door drives for all applications. Even the purchase of larger quantities is easily possible.
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TorDoc is at hand with help and advice

If you would like more assistance in identifying a suitable receiver for your garage door or industrial gate or if you need to exchange defective parts, if you seek advice on a project, please do not hesitate to call us, to send us an e-mail or to use the chat function here in our shop. You can contact us by phone +49 2166 / 216 36 38 and fax +49 2166 / 216 36 26 or by e-mail and live chat (free). We look forward to helping you.